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Revive deteriorating pool surfaces


Over time, the surface of your pool deteriorates as it is exposed to various chemicals every day. If your noticing chipping, cracking, or uneven textures; it's time to consider having your pool re-plastered. We offer a variety of plastering products and techniques that are perfect for any budget.


Remodel while you re-plaster


If it's time to re-plaster your pool, we can help you with a variety of other pool remodeling services at the same time. You may consider installing new safety steps, handrails, tile replacement, fountain, waterfall, water slide, outdoor kitchen, fire pit, pool decks, stamped concrete, or rejuvenating your current decking.


We don't only re-plaster, we also install in-ground vinyl liners


Although vinyl is smooth, over time, it can deteriorate, or fade; just like plaster and tile. If the vinyl is bubbling or peeling from the edges, then it's a sign that the liner needs to be replaced. Just like plaster, vinyl has a lot of styles to choose from; like various shades of blue, to faux tiles, and patterns that can enhance your pool. We can quickly and efficiently install an affordable new liner in no time!