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Owning a pool should be something that is enjoyed with your family and friends, it should not be a chore. Our experts can owning a pool enjoyable and easy!

This is everything that we do for our weekly pool maintenance customers.



Pool Cleaning

Skimming both the top and bottom of the pool.

Empty skimmer basket(s).

Empty pump basket.

Backwash DE filter.

Vacuuming the bottom with a professional vacuum.

Brush pool.

Brush spa.


Inspect Equipment

Automatic pool cleaners bag emptied.

Automatic pool cleaner functionality inspected.

Inspect and if needed adjusting equipment run time.

Inspect equipment for leaks.

Inspect salt cell (if applicable).

Bleed air out of filter.

Inspect filter pressure.


Water Chemistry

Chemicals tested:

Free Chlorine, Total Chlorine, pH, Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness, Cyanuric Acid, Borates, and Salt.


The water is tested with a professional water analysis machine.

Water Lab

Professional Vacuum